Learn Québecois from offqc.com

One peculiarity of Canadian French instruction is that – at least in my experience – it can actually be difficult to find a teacher that’s from Quebec rather than France or even Africa. (Or, in the case of my high school, Germany. Go figure.) Let’s not get into why, but what along with “standard French” learning materials, what this translates to is arriving in Quebec and being completely unable to understand the local accent, let alone regional vocabulary.

I’m not going to get into the relative value of Quebec French vs France French here. Suffice it to say that a) a preference for a certain dialect is almost entirely subjective and sociocultural, not based on any inherent value of one or the other and b) Québecois is different enough that it takes some getting used to and a little extra learning.

If you live in Canada, you have easy access to streaming television from la belle province, which is a great way to listen to “real” Québecois and attune your ear. But for vocabulary and teaching, I’m a big fan of website Quebec French Guide. I follow them on Facebook and enjoy getting updates on all sorts of vocabulary and usage, such as this latest post on how to say you don’t give a shit – the third in a series!

Pictured: the crêperie at ski hill Le Massif. Photo by Kat Tancock

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